UCSA/VCSV is proud to announce that we are hosting an amazing internship programme in partnership with Hugenote College in Wellington. This programme is available to churches and the programme has been developed, and is based on a variety of disciplines. These disciplines include social- and community development, theology and education. This qualification is an internship programme and consists of 420 credits. These credits can be used when furthering your education after the internship.

The programme covers a wide range of modules/topics such as working in groups, facilitating, evaluation, leadership development, emotional intelligence, outreaches, programme development, working in and for a congregation as well as working in the community. Interns will also be exposed to working in schools and at camps where they will learn how to apply and develop their skills.

This is an exiting opportunity for congregations and churches to get involved with the service provided by and through UCSA/VCSV’s and Hugenote College’s interns.

If you are interested in applying for this programme for your church, please fill out the submission form below: