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In Hosea 4:6 the Lord tells the leaders of the people: “My people are ruined because they don’t know what’s right or true. Because you’ve turned your back on knowledge, I’ve turned my back on your priests. Because you refuse to recognize the revelation of God, I’m no longer recognizing your children” (The Message).


UCSA takes this warning seriously and spends much effort on training young leaders. UCSA leaders are not only the backbone of every branch, but also the leaders of the future. We develop their leadership skills and train them for a lifelong task of leadership within the body of Christ.

Our staff has experience in

training leaders of Christian groups (UCSA small group leaders) at the school or at a weekend camp

training Representative Councils of Learners (RCLs) at the school or at a weekend camp

presenting outdoor leadership seminars to equip UCSA leaders, sport captains, RCL leaders and any other leaders through experiential learning at our various outdoor centres.


Contact your provincial organiser for more information regarding leadership development.



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