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 National Camp

The National Camp is an important event in UCSA where members, teachers and ex-members annually get together during the April holidays to have the time of their lives.


Enquiries about National Camp 2018

Contact us at 021-887 0212 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To bring together 800 UCSA members, share UCSA’s vision and mission with them and equip them with skills to live that vision in their communities and schools.


What we do

At the national camp we aim to:

give campers an opportunity to make faith choices

give them an opportunity to study the Bible and pray, so that their relationship with the Lord can grow

expose campers to the need of the world and motivate them to do something about it

give campers opportunities to get to know one another, make new friends and be part of a process of healing

help campers to develop appreciation for other cultural groups

demonstrate unity in faith

equip campers with practical skills that they can apply in various situations

The main activities at the camp:

Bible study

praise and worship

adventure activities

workshops about interesting topics such as arts and crafts, leadership, prayer and counselling.


Who can attend the national camp?

Mostly secondary school pupils, but we do accommodate primary school pupils and ex-members of the organisation.

Why is it called a national camp?

The first camp was organised by die then ACS in 1979 with the aim to bring together members of the organisation from all over the country. Provincial camps are also held during the April holidays.

What about learners who cannot afford the fee?

Sponsorship forms are available and can be requested by the organisers of the various groups. Handing out the forms and getting them back must be scrupulously controlled.

How can I become a volunteer at the national camp?

Contact the head office and then send your information on the prescribed form. All volunteers have to undergo a selection process.

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