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An Extreme Life Program, presented by UCSA: Positive Sexuality

Positive Sexuality is a positive and holistic approach equipping learners to understand the social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual changes that occur during adolescence, to handle them with confidence and to make healthy choices.


The programme:

Covers Life Orientation outcomes for grades 6, 7, and 8

Is based on sound values

Emphasises the wonder of human development and growth

Helps learners to develop respect for their sexuality

Is supported by a multi-media presentation giving correct information about sensitive subjects such as sexual development respectfully but candidly

Challenges learners to make responsible choices regarding their sexual behaviour

Addresses issues such as STD’s, HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancy and risk behaviour

Helps learners to discriminate between conflicting messages about sexual

values and norms in the media and society

Has been presented at many schools where it was received with

enthusiasm and appreciation

What the school can do

Inform parents and caregivers in advance about the contents of the programme.

Get permission from parents and caregivers.

All the learners in a specific grade participate.

Set aside one, but preferably two, schooldays for the programme.

Organise a venue where multimedia can be presented successfully.

Use a venue which will make the learners feel privileged.

Learners should feel that the event is a celebration of their adolescence.


Cost: Between R10 and R25 per learner, depending on the availability of equipment, facilities, sponsorships and refreshments.


Book immediately: Phone your UCSA Provincial Organiser to discuss the programme and make a booking.



“Programmes of such high standards will always be welcome at our school. Thank you for what you do!” – Mr V Pretorius, Greenville Primary School

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