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Adventure camps @ Die Hoekie

Die Hoekie hosts weekend adventure camps for primary, high school and tertiary students.

Some of our activities:

-          Abseiling

-          Giant swing

-          High ropes course with 17 activities

-          Paintball

-          Wilderness excursions

-          Survivor challenges and adventure races

-          Low ropes course, group initiatives and teambuilding

-          Water activities in our big swimming pool

-          Wide range of problem solving activities and programs

-          Archery and airgun shooting


Call us now for camp dates or bookings!


Rough Seas Programme

Die Hoekie is launching a new programme called Rough Seas. It takes place on the “open sea”, our high ropes course.

As this ship is going from point A to B it is managed and sailed by a group of sailors with specific tasks and duties. On the way some serious learning is facilitated by the “Admiral”. The ship creates a closed environment and inevitably there are many of trials, tribulations, joys and celebrations. All the sailors sleep on the ship and are only allowed to go on land when the ship docks. However, there are also tasks and duties to accomplish on land – from finding a treasure to fighting the Amahuruwaka tribe.

Programmes are structured to accommodate all age groups, profiles and needs.

Make sure you book for one of our these truly unique experiences.


Wilderness programme: Ends of the Earth 

Take your spirit of adventure to the next level and join us on an Ends of the Earth wilderness excursion into the wild and rugged Magaliesberg mountains.

Small groups of five to eight participants will be led by two highly trained instructors into the mountains for one to two nights. Groups will of similar age and same gender.

All excursions will be Christ-focused and centre on the spiritual growth of the participants. This will occur through challenges, teamwork, problem solving, service, times of solitude, Scripture studies, and living in God’s creation. 

YOU are invited to join us on a brand new adventure. Come and journey with us into the unknown. Come and experience the Ends of the Earth!


Explore your Horizons: Leadership identification and training

We can train your leaders for you – all it takes is a phone call.

Training and identification programmes include whole brain thinking and accommodate all learning styles.

For more information contact: 

Elsanette Grobler

Cell: 079 515 2744

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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