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Grade 4-7 @ Die Hoekie



24 Jan UCSA Openday @ Die Hoekie


UCSA Primary School Camps (GR 4-7)

·   27 -29Feb (AFR)

·   6-8 Mar (AFR)

·   13 -15 Mr (ENG)

·   31 Jul-2 Aug (ENG)

·   14-16 Aug (AFR)

·   28-30 Aug (AFR)

·   21-22 Aug Gr 2 en 3 (AFR + ENG)

·   23-25 Oct Group Leaders Training (AFR + ENG)


Secondary School Dates:

·   28 Mr -2 Apr Winklespruit ENG

·   10 – 12 April #Imagine

·   3-9 Oct Winklespruit AFR

·   16-18 Oct Group Leaders Training (AFR + ENG)



Because we at UCSA want to create life-transforming experiences for young people. We want you to realise that God loves you more than you could possibly know and that He has a plan for your life. That is why we work so hard for you!

How it happens: 

Everybody at the camp is part of a small group with a group leader. You’ll do everything together and some of your coolest experiences for the weekend will happen right there in your small group. Your group with your leader will sleep in the same room, play together and do pretty much everything else together. There are sessions and praise and worship times in the hall and more than enough fun stuff in between.

Why YOU should be there:

Because we want you there! And because you are going to make new friends, have a lot of fun, get to know God better and experience (maybe for the first time!) what a Christian family really looks like.

What to do: 

Go to your UCSA teacher at school, pay your fees, check that the transport is arranged and come!

For teachers:  

If you bring your children for a weekend you certainly won’t be struggling until two in the morning to put them to bed, work out activities, or go through a mud bath. We know that you work yourself to a standstill and so we would like this weekend to be an oasis of peace and tranquillity for you. We also hope that you will get some spiritual input, refill your tank in God’s beautiful nature and fellowship with other teachers who might be facing some of the same challenges you are. We want you to leave refreshed and newly enthusiastic about teaching. We also believe you’re important enough to spoil for at least one weekend! Come and relax!


Contact: Juzaan van Zyl

Cell: +27 (0)83 201 1665

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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