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Our Heart:


  • Our heart for our schools ministry is to support teachers and principals wherever we can.
  • Our heart is to motivate and minister to group leaders so that they are prepared for their task in their schools.
  •  We want to build into the lives of children by sharing the Word of God with them and motivating them to make a difference in their schools and communities.
  •  Our heart is to be available 24 hours per day for schools that need us.


School ministry:

Our school ministry is very important. Lulu van der Berg and Vida Pretorius try to visit schools regularly, where they focus on principals, UCSA teachers, group leaders and learners who are members of UCSA




There are 82 UCSA branches in the Free State:

 37 branches at secondary schools

 28 branches at primary schools

 14 branches at combined schools

 3 branches intermediate schools


Each branch is led by a UCSA teacher and group leaders are responsible for their groups and some other matters. Each branch has its own programme.  Lulu and Vida visits the branches regularly.




UCSA’s leaders play an important role in the organisation. Lulu and Vida visits them regularly, giving assistance where necessary so that they can grow as leaders and in their relationship with the Lord. If you want Lulu to work with your leaders, do contact her.


We also present leadership camps for group leaders and RCL groups. Contact us for information and bookings.




If you contact us we can organise outreaches in your community for you. You can also join UCSA’s countrywide outreaches during the June holidays. 


To get involved or for more information contact:



Lulu van der Berg

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

082 959 4547




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