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The heart of the Eastern Cape


Actively promoting and building relationships within schools and in their unique contexts and circumstance, according to needs, through discipleship and mentorship. A relationship is the starting point of opportunities to influence the lives of learners, teachers and staff members.

Challenging the people you spend time with to change the way they live, think and talk, growing into a new lifestyle that represents Christ in us.

Cultivate a caring and serving ministry

We care about all the children, small group leaders, teachers, headmasters and volunteers in the Eastern Cape. Our aim is to create an environment that makes them feel cared for, believed in, and prayed for so that they might experience Christ working in their lives.


We strive to function effectively and be responsible stewards by implementing and managing structures, processes and mandates as to the best of our ability.

We strive to be prepared and available for service of a high standard.

Equip and empower

We are in a ministry that changes all the time because we work with people. Change is good when everyone is taken along and that is why we would like to supply and prepare everyone involved with intellectual, spiritual and emotional resources that will help them to handle and be ready for the changes that are happening. We want to equip and empower people for a particular purpose and specific task.


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