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What is a small group? 
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Most of the branches divide their members into small groups who meet once a week or once every two weeks. Small groups allow for more interaction and participation than large meetings. It is also easier to get a small group together than the whole group.

General meetings are usually held once a month or once or twice a term.

Groups are formed for one year; the best size seems to be more or less seven learners. Boys and girls in separate groups makes it easier for group members to discuss problems.

The group is led by a group leader. UCSA teachers support and help the group leaders.


Remember: UCSA has various resources for small group discussions.


What happens in a small group?

You can follow this procedure:

1. Start with prayer.

2. Bible reading.

3. Discuss the topic of the day, using the material provided. Group members participate, discuss and ask questions.

4. Group leader is in charge of the discussion, and has to make sure everyone has a chance to participate.

5. Get group members involved with questions and challenging statements.

6. Summary.

7. Information regarding the next meeting, if necessary.

8. Close with prayer.


The above is merely a guideline; every small group can adapt it according to their own needs. The UCSA resources give clear guidelines for every group session.


What is a group leader?


A learner who leads a small group in the UCSA branch of his or her school. They are the spiritual leaders of the school.

They help others in their quest to get to know God better and to grow spiritually.

UCSA teachers meet group leaders before every meeting, discuss the topics for the next meeting and give ongoing guidance and support.


Profile of a group leader

Not spiritually proud

Not the centre of every conversation

Do not force own opinions on others

Do not force anyone to participate


Called by God

Unconditional love, acceptance and respect. Do not look down on others and their lives.

Prepared to share incidents from own life.




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